What we do?
QISU Electronics Technology Limited.

Qisu is the world leading independent electronic component distributor. The components we supplied have been widely used in 3c, automobile, medical, security, and intelligent products, along with in the fields like industrial application, aerospace and so on.

As the world leading electronic component distributor, we strive to execute the customer-focused policy. The needs and the satisfaction of our customers is the driver of our development. Aside from maximizing the customer value and fulfilling the customer needs, we also concentrate on building a high grade and competitive database. Based on our advantageous sourcing channels and expertise, we can efficiently provide our clients with the best solutions according to their needs and requirements.

Through high quality products, competitive price and good service, we have built long term relationships with our clients all around the world. Being a dependable partner, we not only help our clients to manage the risks of purchasing, but also provide them with an all-around guarantee from component availability and quality, to service.

Qisu will keep acting as a role of independent distributor, working as a qualified bridge between our suppliers and our clients.

Sufficient Stock
Original Stock
Fast Delivery
365 days warranty
  • 60+
  • 850000+
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  • 3000+
Qisu Electronic is a High Tech Electronics Distributor providing world-class services.
  • Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery
    We will arrange shipment in 24 hours after order confirmation
    Fast Delivery
    Our has more than 12+ years experience in this field and knows the importance of time. We guarantee we will arrange shipment in 24 hours after order confirmation and customer will get goods in the fastest time.
  • Original products
    Original products
    By obtaining sources from authorized suppliers
    Original products
    Our realized there are many fake parts in the global electronics supply chain, which would have caused serious issues and bad consequences for customers. Therefore, we firmly believe that only by obtaining sources from authorized suppliers with enhanced quality test could it be safe and reliable.
    We assume the responsibility of quality risk within 365 days.
    Our promises that all products originate from the original distribution channel and provide 365 days of quality risk guarantee. If you find that the quality of the product does not conform to the technical parameters of the original factory during the use of the product, we assume the responsibility of quality risk within 365 days.
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